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Do you or your patients suffer with:
Upset Stomach
Stomach Cramps
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chronic Inflammation

Even you have 1 of the conditions above, you may be suffering from parasite infestation. We know what you’re thinking... “PARASITES? Not me!” But wait...


Did You Know
• It is estimated that as any as 90% of Americans have parasites!
• Up to 30% of daycare workers are infected with Giardia (a parasite in the bowel)!
• There are 150,000 different types of parasites and they are in every aspect of the average American’s life.(Food, Soil, Water, and Pets)
• Parasite infection/infestation is thought to be a causative factor in many disease states.
• Many times the presence of parasites goes undetected until a person is undergoing surgery and the parasites are “found” in the diseased organ or body part.


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